Commercial cleaning is sensitive and finding the right company for the job can be a challenge. Especially if you have no idea what you need to look for. Finding an effective commercial cleaning company requires good research. However, for you to enjoy good services, your commercial cleaning company should have put in place measures to streamline their operations and ensure superior service delivery.

If you’re not happy with your current janitorial service provider or it’s your first time outsourcing your commercial cleaning needs, the following ten indicators will help you to find a professional and reputable commercial cleaning company.


Transparent Pricing

A reputable janitorial cleaning company should have a transparent pricing structure. With clear pricing, a facility manager has the opportunity to go through multiple quotes and come up with an informed decision.

Professional cleaning services are not cheap. When looking for a company, you wouldn’t want to deal with service providers with hidden costs that only come out after you have signed the contract. Clear pricing enables your company to effectively and accurately budget for the cleaning process.


Professional Staff

Good staff is the bedrock for any business in the service industry. When looking for a commercial cleaning company, focus on reputable firms. Those that go the extra mile to attract and hire the best talent.

Established companies have rigorous screening processes and provide the best training to successful applicants. There is also a good reward system for employees who perform well in their duties.

Avoid going to companies with high employee turnover. This could result in cleaning staff always leaving after a short time and new staff being brought in.




Efficient Internal Processes

How a commercial company organizes its business model and runs its operations will affect you as their client. Without a well-thought-out plan in place, there is no cleaning firm that can excel in this industry.

Good companies have the right systems in each and every critical process of the company.

They are throughout with:

  • Screening staff
  • Hiring and training staff
  • Deployment of staff
  • Quotes and pricing,
  • Janitorial inspections
  • Customer service… among other things.

A disorganized company always fails to properly manage client expectations and is doomed to fail.



Commercial cleaning contracts are fairly long-term. So, you require a cleaning company that has the ability to remain consistent throughout and offer an exemplary service.

Good service provision is not about performing well for a few days or weeks, but rather the ability to maintain high-quality services at the client’s premise. Working with janitorial companies that offer consistent services will help reduce the amount of time spent on handling endless complaints about poor service delivery.


Open Communication

No matter how reputable and professional a cleaning company is, there are instances when mistakes happen. Measures have to quickly be taken to correct an anomaly.

Established companies focus on putting in place proper communication systems, which are useful especially during a conflict. It is important for any commercial cleaning business to keep open communication channels with its clients. It allows for quick resolution of issues.

In addition, following up with the client after an issue and checking whether the client is satisfied is critical.  Professionals always communicate in good time with their clients when making major changes, such as changing staff. Good communication is an integral aspect for any cleaning company.





Quick feedback is critical to the success of any business. How fast does your cleaning company get back to you after making an inquiry? A quick response plan is essential to ensure your needs are addressed in good time.

Delayed responses can negatively affect service delivery at the client premises. A good company should offer you additional services (especially during your business peak periods) and swiftly respond to any changes you may need. A cleaning company should be responsive to your budget needs. They should also quickly make adjustments without interrupting service provision.



Qualified cleaning companies are always willing to accept liability whenever a mistake has been detected. It is essential to work with a cleaning company that accepts responsibility. Especially, given the fact that, cleaning staff is arriving and leaving your business on daily basis.

This is useful especially if you have valuable company assets that need to be safeguarded at all times. Your cleaning company should assure you of accountability. They do this by having processes in place to ensure every service at your premises is fully accounted for.





We are living in modern times, and cleaning is no longer about companies sending over their staff to clean with a mop and bucket. Companies focused on excellent service delivery are constantly embracing technology. By investing in new sophisticated equipment, they can improve workmanship and productivity.

Working with cleaning companies that are technology compliant is advantageous for your establishment. You’re expected to receive the best cleaning services which in turn, boosts your business operations.


Best Practices

When companies implement best practices within their business models, they are able to consistently perform well. These standards set in place become the criterion used to determine how performance is measured.

Best practices involve a series of processes that constantly seek to find better ways of offering quality and professional cleaning services. By setting these rules, you can expect a certain level of quality to be demonstrated by the cleaning company.


These are important qualities to check for when choosing a commercial cleaning company. You will have an easier time identifying the best service providers, who are adequately experienced and prepared to attend to your needs.


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