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Post-construction Cleaning Service - Zeta

Post-construction cleaning service

Brand New Clean Commercial Buildings

When you’ve completed your construction or remodeling project, you need to find professionals who can come to the site and conduct a final, detailed and thorough cleaning of your premises after you’ve removed construction debris. Post-construction cleaning requires specialized attention and expertise in order to accomplish the desired results.

At Zeta Maintenance, we offer post-construction cleaning services to prepare new buildings for use. We’re a high-end boutique cleaning firm and we deal with various clients in and around Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We have the appropriate skills, equipment, and personnel to effectively clean your new property.

Our team works hard to deliver beyond your expectations as we have the appropriate resources and skills to work quickly and effectively. We have advanced products, equipment, and strategies that we use to ensure that your new property gets the perfect shine it deserves. Aside from basic post-construction general cleaning procedures, we also offer other specialized services for your new premises such as window cleaning, deep carpet cleaning, and floor finishing.

The quality of the services that we offer makes us your ideal partner who will work closely with you as you begin enjoying the amenities of your new building. Our services come in handy especially if you wish to clean before moving onto the next phase of construction or prepare to put the property on lease or sale.

Cleaning construction areas promote the safety of workers and help ensure that tasks are accomplished in an efficient manner. For a building that is still under construction, cleaning of completed areas is critical to allow the installation of doors, windows, flooring, cubicles as well as paint and wall coverings. If you’re preparing your new building for inspection or approvals, we ensure that your walls, ceilings, floors and crawl spaces are clean and well-organized.

Some of the areas that we focus on during post-construction cleaning include:

  • Cleaning all bulbs and light fixtures
  • Damp cleaning of restroom fixtures
  • Cleaning of interior glass
  • Cleaning and polishing floors
  • Spot treating carpets and vacuuming
  • Dusting of air diffusers
  • Wiping down windows
  • Vacuum cleaning carpet
  • Removing and disposing of all garbage
  • Clearing of excess debris from sinks and faucets

Since we’ve completed numerous successful projects, our team is well-versed with post-construction cleaning. We’re always around to quickly respond to your needs. Our cleaning methodologies are highly structured and organized to maximize output while ensuring that the highest safety standards are maintained. Our modern equipment and good quality cleaning agents help guarantee good results.

Why You Should Use Our Post-Construction Cleaning Services?

Our personalized “Mom and Dad” service ensures that all our cleaning processes are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our post-construction cleaning specialists are well-trained and certified to work on different construction sites. We know the best techniques and have the best personnel and equipment to take on any job.

How We Do Post-Construction Cleaning

At Zeta Maintenance, we believe in offering you a professional service with measurable results to achieve accountability and transparency. During the cleaning process, we document each step that we take to enable you and our team leaders to conduct a final evaluation of the entire exercise. Before starting a job, we send one of our post-construction cleaning specialists for a site assessment.

Identifying and documenting your needs enable us to come up with a customized process to handle the project. Our specialists rely on this methodology when thoroughly cleaning all areas that require attention. We will provide you with a customized SOP and a comprehensive checklist that outlines areas that need to be cleaned. We measure every step of the process and provide you with a daily inspection report, error long and updating sign sheets. With this information, you can determine the quality of work done and make any follow-ups if need be.

Professional Cleaning Team That Cares

Privacy is at the top of our priorities. Our personnel have undergone comprehensive background checks before gaining employment. As long as you outsource your industrial cleaning needs to Zeta Maintenance, you can be sure your information is safe.

At Zeta Maintenance, we work hard to ensure that you’re happy with our level of service delivery. Should you be searching for a professional company to manage your post-construction cleaning, we’re here to wholeheartedly serve you.

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