Commercial cleaning requires skills and diligence, therefore, you should ensure the entire selection process is handled carefully.

The best results are obtained when companies form long-lasting relationships with their commercial cleaning providers. Finding the best cleaning company for your business can be a daunting task. Especially considering the increasing number of commercial cleaning companies ready to do anything to have you on their client portfolio.

Asking the right questions will help you determine who is likely to offer you better services and effectively take care of your needs. This will help you weed out illegitimate service providers and identify reputable professionals with an excellent service history.

The following are 10 simple but very important questions you should ask any prospective commercial cleaning company before making a final decision.


How many years have you been in business, and do you service any accounts with a business similar to mine?

It is understood that every business has to start its journey somewhere. Although, commercial cleaning has its own complexities which are best handled by an experienced company with an intricate understanding of the industry.

Would you want your company to be used as a training or testing ground for new companies trying to find a foothold in the market?

While having the passion and zeal to serve commercial clients is a good thing, experience cannot be washed away as it forms an integral part of business operations and success. For instance, if you need medical cleaning services, you definitely wouldn’t be comfortable hiring a cleaning company that has never cleaned a medical facility before.


How do you screen your employees?

The success of any cleaning company depends on the caliber of staff employed. Reputable and established companies have put in place strict vetting procedures to ensure only the most capable get hired for the job.

There are minimum screening mechanisms that should be applied to weed out any unqualified individuals. Background checks should involve personality tests, verification of previous employment details, reference checks, and criminal background checks.

With all these measures in place, only the right team of people will be selected to attend to clients. Taking shortcuts when screening employees is a bad idea as it puts the brand, the employees, and clients at risk.




What kind of training do your employees receive?

After hiring employees, reputable commercial cleaning companies come up with a comprehensive training guide.  The guide aims to prepare new members of staff with tools and equipment they need to provide superior cleaning services at the client premises.

The intention is to consistently deliver the best for clients, and this is emphasized through in-house practical training programs.

Well trained staff will always do an exceptional job that exceeds customer expectations.


How do you motivate and manage your teams?

After hiring and training staff, professional commercial cleaning companies shift their focus on how they can best manage and motivate their employees. The success of any company is attributed to ensuring all employees work in the best environment. An environment that promotes both personal and professional growth.

Putting in place a good system that rewards staff who have exhibited exemplary performance is a common practice for established entities. On the other hand, when employees fail to perform as expected, there are steps taken to correct any anomalies without compromising the quality of service.


Are you insured?

Established and genuine commercial cleaning companies sign up for all the required insurance policies. By doing this, they ensure the smooth running of business operations.

Besides your cleaning company being insured they should also see to it that you are protected. Otherwise, you may end up footing the bills should anything happen. It is important to verify the type of coverage offered in order to be sure that your assets are adequately protected.

The most common insurance coverage a cleaning company should include the following:

General Liability Insurance: This cover safeguards your assets in the event of any wrongdoing or negligence by your commercial cleaning company. Your cleaning company should ideally have a minimum general liability insurance of $2,000,000.


Will the same cleaner or cleaners continually maintain my facility?

Your cleaning provider should have a team that remains on site for a long period of time. This enables them to better understand your facility and specific requirements.

This way, cleaning staff can best attend to your needs rather than have to keep bringing in new staff. Professionals strive to keep the same cleaners at your facility and only do rotations when the need arises.




What is your employee turnover percentage?

Employee turnover percentage has a huge bearing, especially on the performance of a cleaning company. Statistics show the employee turnover in the industry is almost 200% especially in companies whose salary scales are low.

However, despite this grim statistic, there are companies which have managed to put in systems in place that have significantly lowered employee turnover percentage.

Be sure to ask your commercial cleaning company what their percentage is and how they intend to keep it low.

Reputable companies invest heavily in their staff. They create a conducive working environment by putting systems and practices in place that help them retain the best talent.


What kind of quality control checks do you use to assure reliability through accountability?

High standards of quality control are achieved through routine cleaning inspections. These inspections help to bridge the gap between a cleaning company and a facility manager.

Through inspections, cleaning companies should be able to note down any areas that need improvement. They should also consult extensively with you about which issues need addressing.

Top cleaning firms also invest in the use of technology such as apps and software. This helps to quickly disseminate inspection information to the right people for purposes of decision making.


Does someone answer the phone when I call their office or will I be directed to an answering service or voice mail?

This question tests the company’s ability to quickly respond to your questions, queries or complains.

Commercial cleaning needs may at times involve emergencies that require swift attention. So, good communication is essential to ensure operations don’t ground to a halt or get inconvenienced because of lack of proper communication channels.




Do you have references I can check with?

Commercial cleaning in most cases involves specialized procedures that require utmost experience and professionalism. Find out from your prospective cleaning company whether they have references they can provide; ideally, they should comfortably provide 3 references.

Better yet, you can pay a visit to some of their clients and see for yourself the kind of services they offer.


Selecting a commercial cleaning company is an important process that requires you to have the right information. However, asking the right questions can help to shed light and make it easier for you to find the best commercial cleaning service provider.


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