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Floor Care Cleaning Service - Zeta

Floor Care - Commercial Cleaning Services

Clean & Cared For Floors

Floors require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking pristine throughout the year. Good cleaning procedures also make your floor last longer, increasing the lifespan and lowering repair costs.

At Zeta Maintenance, we know it costs a lot to invest in stone, vinyl, wood and other types of floors. We are a high-end boutique cleaning company that focuses on serving clients in and around Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Over time, floors tend to lose their luster and experience wear and tear due to dirt and grit, continuous foot traffic, food and drink spillages, as well as the use of incorrect cleaning products and procedures.

When you hire our services, you can be guaranteed we’ll do a good job that will satisfy your needs. We offer our floor care services in different commercial and public buildings which include offices, schools, retail shops, hospitals and gyms among others.

You need a specialized cleaning service with the right skilled labor, techniques, and equipment to handle floor care. Our floor care cleaning team deals with a different variety of floor surfaces. It doesn’t matter what type of floor you have, we’ve got you covered.

These are some of the common types of floor surfaces that we clean, maintain and refurbish at the client premises:

  • Stone and concrete floors such as limestone, marble, slate, granite, York stone, Travertine, Terrazzo, sandstone, and so on
  • Vinyl, Amtico, Karndean and linoleum floors
  • Wood and laminate floors
  • Ceramic tiles such as terracotta
  • VCT tiles
  • Rubber floors
  • Victorian geometry quarry tiles

At Zeta Maintenance, we offer the following cleaning services for different floor types:

  • Stone floor cleaning, polishing, restoration, refurbishment, sealing, and maintenance
  • Wood floor cleaning, polishing, sealing, waxing, oiling, buffing, and maintenance
  • Vinyl floor cleaning, stripping, sealing, polishing, spray burnishing, and maintenance

Our Zeta Maintenance floor care cleaning team has undergone intensive training and we only hire top talent to ensure your floors receive superb professional care.

The floor care service we offer is based on the kind of floor you have. When scheduling our services, we take into account foot traffic. Floor areas with high foot traffic require more cleaning and maintenance.

Why We Are Your Best Floor Care Helper

We handle many floor care projects for various commercial enterprises and we always respond promptly and professionally to your needs. Our focus is to provide you with a “Mom and Dad” service that enables us to customize each floor care project. We have the sufficient resources to care for any type of floor.

Our floor care service relies on extensive consultation and a thorough understanding of your needs. At Zeta Maintenance, we put emphasis on a highly structured and measurable service to ensure accountability and transparency. When cleaning and caring for your floor, we document each step of the entire process. This enables you and our supervisors to evaluate the process to determine if the intended cleaning was achieved.

Our Floor Care Process

Before we start a floor care project, we will send our specialist to your premises to conduct a site survey. During the survey, we verify your floor type, floor area, and take note any of damages that need to be fixed.

Once we’ve identified your requirements, we will create a custom floor care procedure with a custom SOP. Our team follows these guidelines to ensure proper floor care.

To measure our work progress and performance, we will send you a daily inspection report, error log, and updated sign sheets. This information is critical as it can enable you to check the quality of work and follow-up if needed.

Good First Impressions Are Critical to Your Business

First impressions count in any business environment and it is important to let professionals handle aspects of your business that aren’t part of your core focus.

We care for your floor. Our floor care process conforms to safety procedures, so you can be assured that your staff and clients are always safe.

When your floors are clean and well-maintained, you promote a clean and productive environment.

If you’re looking for a professional company to take care of your flooring, please contact us. We’re always happy to help.

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