About Zeta Maintenance

Our Company History

Zeta Maintenance is a cleaning company servicing businesses in and around Montreal, QC.

Zeta Maintenance is a family-owned company. Founded in 1996 by Greek immigrants Hippocrates and Vicki Zoumboulis.

Founded as a way to support their family. In 2015, the owners passed it onto their son, Theo.

Our main focus is to provide you superior cleaning services with measurable results.

We aim to help you with your cleaning needs. Our goal is to keep your building clean and conducive to business.


Why Choose Us

We’ve been in the business for over 20 years. We’ve learned a great deal over that period and we use it to solve your commercial cleaning needs.
We work with you to identify all your challenges. Afterward, we put together a customized solution.
Our consistency and attention to quality have allowed us to help countless Montreal businesses. All having similar cleaning needs as yours.

Proactive Approach

We have a proactive approach that maximizes efficiency. Our process cuts the chances of missing assignments. We track and report all work.
To maximize efficiency, we oversee the cleaning process from start to finish.
Our cleaning audits enable us to identify any potential issues and address them in good time.
Our team of cleaning professionals knows what to do.

Customized Cleaning Process + Measurable Results

We start is a preliminary assessment. This allows us to better understand your needs and provide the best solution.
We then will provide you with customized cleaning process tailored to your needs.
Our team will follow the customized cleaning operation. on each visit, our team will record every step of the process.
We provide you with documentation and a customized SOP. This includes daily inspection reports, updated sign sheet, and an error log.
This provides transparency and measurable results. Allowing you to track the progress of our work and follow-up if necessary.

Unique Communication + Personalized Service

Our communication process is unique. We aim to be a high-end commercial cleaning provider.
We are ‘Mom & Dad’ personalized service, coupled with customized cleaning processes.
We aim to give you the best of both worlds.


Privacy + Respect

We understand that some facilities have confidential information and we want to assure you that we respect your privacy.
Our staff has undergone extensive verification and background checks before gaining employment.


Get Answers & Advice

Let’s discuss how a custom plan can help keep your facility clean.